2015-04-25 15:00-2015-04-25 16:00

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F/OSS Legal Issues

The Free Software Foundation Licensing & Compliance Lab; We Fight for the User

An overview of the work we do at the Free Software Foundation Licensing & Compliance Lab, from helping the community understand licensing to fighting to protect users against threats like software patents, DMCA anti-circumvention laws, and the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. The talk introduces these and other topics, what we at the FSF are doing to address them, and what the audience can do to help. The talk includes a brief guide to GNU License compliance and our work to bring companies and invidividuals into compliance.

# Speaker Bio:

Donald Robertson, III, J.D. is the Copyright and Licensing Associate for the Free Software Foundation. He has worked for the FSF for over six years in the Licensing & Compliance Lab, and has been involved in free software for over a decade. Donald was previously the managing editor of the New England Law Review and wrote and published: An Open Definition: Derivative Works of Software and the Free and Open Source Movement, 42 New. Eng. L. Rev. 339 (2008). <http://www.fsf.org/about/staff-and-board>

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