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LFNW attracts a wide audience ranging from Linux beginners to experienced experts. We accept presentations geared to any level of experience. You will be asked to specify your audience--beginner, intermediate or advanced--when you submit your proposal.

CFP Due Date: Friday, Feburary 12th 11:59PM
Speaker Acknowledgement: Feb 23rd.

Tracks for 2016

  • Privacy and Security
    How can open source help keep your data and personally identifable information safe from unauthorized access, whether that is outsider hackers, or third party services that may share your information without consent? How do you weigh trade-offs between security and accessibility? How do you test your code for exploits?
  • Navigating Linux
    Whats new with GNOME? How do I build a custom RPM package? What is Systemd? These topics should discuss issues, methods, and technologies used with the many various flavors of linux.
  • Open Hardware
    Sessions about using open source hardware: From cool projects to every day devices.
  • Building Community
    Sessions focused on using open source technologies to enrich any type of community, technical or not.
  • Programming (was Open Source Web)
    Sessions explaining frameworks, content management systems, and programming languages.
  • F/OSS Legal, Patent and Licensing
    Discuss the current political climate, patents, and how attendees can participate in maintaining freedom on the internet
  • Databases
    In depth developer centric sessions regarding open source databases
  • DevOps
    Technical talks about using the latest testing or automation tools for scaling servers and systems.
  • Geek Lifestyle
    From ham radios to geek trivia, talk about what it is to be an open source citizen

Beginner Tutorials

New for 2016, we're expanding the tutorium to hold scheduled beginner talks. If you're interested in leading a tutorial, choose the tutorial track on your proposal.

Difficulty Levels

Please make use of the difficulty level indicator in your presentation. For beginner talks, you shouldn't expect the audience to know anything more than the name of the subject you're talking about. For all other difficulty ratings, please include in your proposal what you expect the audience should know before coming into the talk.

Timeslots / Formats

The following timeslots + formats are available. Please specify which works best for your presentation.

  • 60 Minutes
    These fit within a standard hour, with 30 minute breaks between sessions. You should plan a 45 minute talk with 15 minutes for questions.
  • 90 Minutes
    Saturday (and sunday, depending on demand), there will be a 90 minute session for more indepth talks. 90 Minutes can also be used for tutorials.
  • 2.5 Hours
    For longer tutorials that cannot be covered in 90 minutes.
  • Lightning Talks
    Want to give a quick talk? Join our lightning talk session on Saturday! These are 5 minute talks, similar to the ignite presentation format.

Additional Guidelines:

For quicker response and a greater chance of being accepted, please make sure your proposal includes the following:

  • Track that fits closest with subject matter
  • Detailed outline/description of what the session will discuss
  • What the audience expects to learn from the session
  • Links to bio(s) of the speaker(s)
  • Short title (under 64 Characters)
  • Links, if applicable, to other talks given by the speakers

Presentation Submission Process

Here is additional information and details about the Presentation submission process, including communications with the Presentation Manager.

  1. Follow the guidelines on the this page
  2. Propose and submit your presentation from the link below by February 12th.
  3. Your presentation proposal will be reviewed by Linuxfest Northwest staff by February 23rd
  4. You will receive an email from the Presentation Manager about acceptance of proposal on or around February 23rd.
    * Each track will have two (or so) alternates in case the primary sessions fall through
  5. Around the end of February, the tentative schedule will be ready. You will be asked to review for any problems or last-minute updates.
  6. In the first half of March, the schedule will b  e solidified and posted.
  7. In the weeks before the Fest, you will receive emails from the Presentation Manager with reminders and suggestions about presentation preparation process.
  8. There may be additional emails about scheduling and any questions from participants.
  9. During the Fest there are presentations on Saturday and Sunday.
  10. Followup with the Presentation Manager about posting presentation materials, or any other follow up.

It's important to include a summary, detail about your presentation, and a description of your background and experience that qualifies you to present on your topic. Your proposal will not be evaluated without adequate information.

Code of Conduct and Speaker Policies

Please read the Code of Conduct, Speaker Agreement, and Media Policy before proposing a session. You must acknowledge and accept these policies in order to submit a session.

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