2016-04-23 10:45-2016-04-23 12:15

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Navigating Linux

The command line - a versatile, future-proof computing environment

What's all the fuss with the command line? Why should you bother with this arcane neckbeard-centric time waster? Come and I'll show you! There will be plenty of goodies for folks of all experience levels.

  • life-changing shell tips and tricks
  • killer shell functions
  • introduction to fish: the betamax of shells
  • command-line programs you can't live without and never knew existed

Most of the talk is focused on Bash shell. All talk materials are published under copyleft licenses.

Source code, Follow-up blog post (includes notes)

Adam is a published author and frequent speaker on Free and Open Source Software and is a founder of SeaGL, the Seattle GNU/Linux Conference. He has presented at OSCON, SeaGL, LFNW, and on FLOSS Weekly with Randall Schwartz and Leo Laporte. Adam's day job is head of engineering at C-SATS, Inc., objectively rating and improving surgeon skill. Adam's blog. Email Adam.