2016-04-23 10:45-2016-04-23 12:15

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I've Installed Puppet ... Now What?

You're all set to start automating your infrastructure, and you've built a Puppet Master to get your feet wet -- but where to start!?  There are piles of documentation, mailing lists, opinionated blog posts, and yet no clear impression of what step to take first.  Let's fix that.

I'll show you the roles that Puppet Masters and Agents play.  Then we'll take a quick survey of the very basics of the Puppet language, with an aim at recognizing the pieces enough to read pre-existing Puppet code.

Empowered with a basic Puppet literacy, we'll head to the Puppet Forge -- the free repository of thousands of publicly-available modules -- and start actually configuring things!  It's easy to get started, once you know what you're looking at.  I'll demo using Forge modules to set up basic systems like ntp, apache, wordpress, mysql, and even take audience requests.

About the Speaker:
Gabe is a veteran admin with an eye for automation.  As a Professional Services Engineer for Puppet Labs, he leads technical trainings, builds automation infrastructure, and even provides "family therapy" between departmental silos.

Prior to Puppet, Gabe worked with systems, storage, virtualization, and other supporting technologies for Sony Playstation's game development studios.  He is in the credits of award-wining games, such as Journey, God of War, and Resistance.