2016-04-23 09:30-2016-04-23 10:30

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Postgres Database: Getting Started

Demonstration of how to obtain, install, and begin using PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source database. Perhaps you are new to databases, or you’ve dabbled with other databases and have considered moving up a industrial-strength database system. Let’s smooth over the speed bumps you may encounter in your first exeriences with Postgres.

Walk through your options in where to obtain Postgres free-of-cost. Watch as we install a fresh copy of Postgres. Examine the various pieces of software installed. Take a tour of the “pgAdmin” app to interact with the "black box" of the database engine. Learn how to create a database, add tables, define columns, and insert data. Get an overview of relational database design. Discover where to get help and learn more.

Return to your desk confident that you can install and begin using Postgres.