2016-04-24 10:45-2016-04-24 11:45

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PostgreSQL, EC2, and RDS a match in heaven or hell

AWS is the new smart phone of the PostgreSQL world and we all have opinions about it. Some hate it, some love it. But how much do you really know about AWS as a PostgreSQL user? This talk is a beginner’s guide to AWS from a PostgreSQL sysadmin point of view. We will cover EC2 and RDS deployments, the major pros and cons of each, feature overview, common issues, and costs. We will also cover the specific benefits and downsides of RDS being maintained by Amazon as opposed to the consumer. Statistical information about the performance of an EC2 and RDS compared to bare metal will be included. But why stop there? We will cover features not available in RDS, potential upgrade issues, how to handle
having instances in multiple availability zones, data transfer costs, and elasticity. Come see how AWS can be a perfect fit for you!