2016-04-24 09:30-2016-04-24 10:30

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Privacy and Security

The Secret Life of the Bitcoin Blockchain

Is the Future of Cryptocurrency Heading for a Global Solidarity Economy or a Decentralized Den of Inequity?

Now that Bitcoin’s Blockchain has been running for over 7 years, let’s check our roadmap for saving the world with this thing. What problems are we actually solving with it? Come learn about its evolving revolutionary potential, and some new problems we might be creating with it along the way.

We’ll look beyond bullshit fantasies of techno-utopian escape and talk about the nature of the technology itself. There’s so much more to it than an unspeakably bleak future of blockchain-flavored bank widgets. Let’s get real about where development is headed and take a critical look at whether subversive innovation is actually leading to an overall positive impact on society.