2016-04-23 13:00-2016-04-23 14:00

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Legal and Licensing

From TPP to saving WiFi, the FSF fights for you

Protecting and promoting free software often requires making your voice heard by those with the power to legislate freedom away. Laws, regulations, and government actions can have a lasting impact on users. But often users may not even be aware of these threats until they are already passed into law. As part of our mission at the Free Software Foundation, we work to educate the public about these impending rules, and to organize activists and organizations to oppose them if necessary. This talk will cover our work in the area of government policy. It will provide an overview of the various threats to user freedom posed by laws and regulations as well as what we can all do to help stop them. Covered issues will include:

  • International "trade" agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
  • The Digital Millenium Copyright Act's anti-circumvention provisions and exemption process.
  • The campaign to Save WiFi from FCC regulations that would completely lock users out.
  • Improving education with updated Department of Education regulations ensuring that publicly funded works are freely licensed.
  • And any new threats that develop over the coming months.
  • And what you can do to help.