2016-04-24 10:45-2016-04-24 11:45

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Building Community

Why Open Source Matters to us Non-Techs, Too

Although it's the 'future', there are still many people who are non-tech types, myself included. There are several reasons for this, and (in my opinion) exciting ways to change this for the better without being obvious that a change is even occuring.

As founder and co-organizer of the Art+Tech+Trash Meetup in Seattle, I'm seeking ways to bring together people with different mind sets and skills from the art, tech and reuse communities. By collaboraing on hands-on experiments, we'll accidentally learn new things and for those of us who are (currently) non-tech, we'll suddenly have reasons to want to code, for instance.

In this talk, I'll describe how learning to create a simple LED circuit on a piece of paper set me on a journey from being a leatherworker to an electric vehicle enthusiast, and why Open Source matters to all of us - not only in technlogy, but also in sharing of information.