Community Collaboration Room(s)

Are you an Open Source community looking for a free place to host a mini-conference? Consider LinuxFest Northwest for your next event!

Over the past 15 years we've hosted many other sub-events including: PostgreSQL, Django Girls, KDE, Fedora, Drupal, GNOME, BAIRS Robotics


  • Active community with an audience interested in attending LFNW
  • Open Source project
  • No extra cost to attendees. Indicate if you want a special registration add-on for your event.
  • Can be a code sprint, unconference, pre-selected sessions, or a mix
  • Advertised within the respective community

We select projects based on past history with the fest and expected attendance numbers. While the space is no charge, sponsorship can guide our selection process, due to the fact that sponsors usually help drive attendance in their subject matter to the event by advertising on social media, sponsoring a well known speaker from the project, and with local user group engagement.

The due date for submissions is March 8th and selected projects will be notified by Friday March 10th.

Choose which day your group would like to be at the fest. Preference is for a group to be here both days.
Please provide details that will be put on a public page to describe your group and what attendees should expect.
Provide a URL to your project here. Preferably this link will goto a landing page for this event on your site.
Does your event require registration? We have a few options to choose from: No: Walk-in is fine, no prior registration required Yes, use LFNW: LinuxFest Northwest provides a registration link on our registration form, and will give the group a list of attendees RSVPed. Yes, hosted off-site: We will direct people to goto your project URL to signup for the event.
Need tables, power, or something else? Please put your room requests here and we'll try to accommodate for them. The earlier the request comes in, the better the chances we can meet the need. Note: In general, all rooms include wifi, ethernet, and a projector.