Presented by:


Ross Brunson

from DataDog

Ross has a long history in the world of Training, Certification and Career Enhancement. He began in the US Army and quickly began making applications in CPM, then MS-DOS and various Unices.

He is currently a Technical Evangelist on the Community Team for DataDog, the company and product that lets you monitor all your systems, applications and services across the entire devops stack.

Ross recently spent another tour of duty at SUSE Inc. as their Certification Architect, remaking their Certification Program to modern standards, putting 10+ hands-on certifications into the market and inaugurating the first SUSE Enterprise Architects into the world.

Ross currently lives in Central Michigan with his family, enjoys hiking, water and winter sports and actually thinks he is a drummer, though others may disagree occasionally.

CompTIA has split from it's historic relationship with the Linux Professional Institute, and has re-introduced the Linux+ certification based on an entirely updated set of objectives and content.

Designed for those who are curious about the certification, whether they are candidates, employers or managers, this session will give you all you need to make the decision of whether the new Linux+ is for your people, organization or for you personally.

The presenter is the author of an number of Linux and Open Source titles, including the current Pearson Cert Guide for the Linux+ and the upcoming update to the title with the new objectives and focus on more relevant objectives and topics.

Attendees will learn what's involved in the exam, how to best study for success, and even get a chance to ask their toughest questions about anything covered in the Exam.

45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 2019