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Richard Clark


Richard has been involved with Linux since early 1994, and enjoys bringing the Linux/GNU based OS to as many companies and individuals as he can. Through the 90’s Richard was focused on IT management. Through the early 2000’s he worked as Sr. Software Engineer on various embedded software projects. In 2011 Richard joined Crafty Penguins / Kerkhoff Technologies Inc. as a Systems Architect specializing in Linux systems. He labels himself as jack of all trades and master of whatever he has been working on for the last month.

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Chat Bots are nothing new, but the buzzword mill has recycled bot excitement for a new generation. Bots are awesome and Chat provides an easy to develop and deploy user interface for Devops functions (and basically anything).

We will quickly run through a brief overview of the history of chat, and bots, what the new Chat Ops buzz word means, then jump right into the demo thunderdome by creating a simple bot deployed against an open chat room that the audience will be invited into. You will have the opportunity to get access to an instance to make your own bot, all powered by another bot.

If all the technology co-operates, a good time should be had by all, but worst case should have enough supporting slides so that everyone can get started bringing this recycled UI to help with their development teams needs, or whatever other system that a chat based UI could be handy.


-> @handybot deploy coolproject/feature_branch with dbseed horsetest until 2pm tomorrow

-> @seerickcode: Branch "featurebranch" has gone through CI/D without issue, has been seeded with horsetest data and is available at I will kill it off and recycle the bits on Wednesday at 2pm after I give you a 10m warning.

-> @handybot release the horde against bright-spartan

-> @seerickcode: horde qa/stress/chaos tests coolproject have been scheduled against If you wanted a different test set say @handybot help release the horde If you made a horrible mistake @handbot nonono right away to call off the horde

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45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 2019