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from Web Applications Programming Technology User Group WapTug.Com/GeekZoneHosting.Com Raspberry Pi Jam Session and Coder Carnival

Lifelong veteran of the tech world and life. I have been building web application tech solutions and computer projects for the last 30 years. I am a professional hobbyist now working on building RaspberryPi projects and hosting events related to introducing people to them and doing online marketing activities. I worked as a broadband technician for CenturyLink and I am now retired from CenturyLink. I now am the Sr. WordPress Programmer for the Boeing AnalytiX Platform Portal on contract through Infosys, Inc. and I also run 2 web hosting companies called GeekZoneHosting.Com. LLC (US) and MTBN.Net (UK) and I'm an Executive Vice President level independent associate in MyEcon on the 2020 Vision Team. I run a WordPress Multisite Blog Farm Network and Provide accounts on a WebIDE system that is integrated with the Blog Farm. I also run a freelance business networking coffee meetup group in Bellevue.

Learn about the Raspberry Pi (or RPi for short).
See these mini PCs in action and experiment with them.

See the popular, open source, single board computer that powers many DIY maker projects you can do. Learn about some important resources and meet others interested in building RPi projects, with plenty of time for Q&A.

Session leader: Michael Scott McGinn, creator of the GeekZoneHosting.Com Raspberry Jam Session and Coders Carnival in Lake Forest Park WA.

2 h
LinuxFest Northwest 2019