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Mohsen Banan

from The Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem

Mohsen Banan is both a skilled engineer and a successful businessman.

Mr. Banan is a software architect and a coder; a tactician and a strategist; a standards politician and a protocol guru; a student of the medium and a leader. He is a recognized expert in design and implementation of distributed systems, especially message handling systems and mobile data networks. His specialties are: data communications, telecommunications and wireless protocols.

Most recently, Mr. Banan is the originator of the radical new concept of Libre-Halaal Services. He has documented these concepts in the article titled, Libre Services: A non-proprietary model for delivery of Internet services, and to demonstrate its viability he has implemented it in the form of showcase set of services at

Mr. Banan holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) from Seattle University and an MS degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Washington.

Screencast Presentation:

Presentation Access Page:

What is the best way of putting together the ultimate multi-media screencast presentation?

And then what is the best way of publishing it -- autonomously?

And then what are the best ways of allowing for consumption of that ultimate multi-media screencast presentation?

Our answer to these questions is a set of loosely coupled tools that when integrated, form a convivial environment. As ingridents, the individual tools include the following:

  • XeLaTeX -- Beamer
  • HeVeA -- HTML generation from LaTeX sources
  • Emacs -- For multi-lingualizaton and integration
  • Reveal.js -- a java script presentation framework
  • impressive and pdfpc -- for pdf disposition
  • plone -- A centrally driven Content Management System (CMS)

What is unique in our approach is our emphasis on conviviality of our tools as opposed to superficial ease of use.

In the end, what we can produce is best of breed.

As an example of what can be produced, consider the ByStar Digital Ecosystem presentation:

Turn on your speaker and start the presentation. Let us narrate to you our story with text, images, sound, videos, screen-casts and web pointers.

Go through it from beginning to end. Or jump through the slides, or click on the page number to get a table of content. You can of course do all of that on your phone as well. Put your car's speaker on bluetooth and enjoy the hands-off narration during your commute.

Or if you want that same presentation in pdf form for printing, go to the access page:

and select a pdf format instead.

45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 2019