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Jeff Fitzmaurice

from Fedora

Jeff is an Ambassador for the Fedora Project. During the day, Jeff works for a local airplane manufacturing company. In his spare time he dabbles in auto mechanics, small engine repair, home repair, and construction. Jeff holds a Bachelors degree in Information Systems and Security. Jeff enjoys listening to ideas, dreams and goals and loves encouraging people to reach beyond themselves to be achievers.

Everything we have these days is based on dreams and ideas from the distant past. We think cell phones are a recent concept. We think television is a 20th century idea. The truth is, ideas surrounding wireless communications are centuries ahead of their time. The old saying "There is nothing new under the Sun" rings true here.

Imagine a world without computers, cell phones, telephones, television, cable, fiber optics, and even CB Radios. Imagine a world of smoke signals, flag waving and messengers who can run really fast. Imagine a world without technology as we know it. We can't.

Great ideas were first imagined, written down, and then later converted into reality. What we have today is the fruit of someone's imagination.

Keep dreaming, keep creating, and by all means, pass all these ideas down to the next generation. Who knows. Your ideas might get us to new worlds.

45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 2019