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Software Developer, working with micro-startups & small teams to build niche software, typically database-backed desktop-style enterprise-oriented web apps running server-side in pure Java on the Vaadin framework.

Previously worked in long-term client engagements building in-house custom-crafted departmental database apps for cost accounting, business operations, and workflow.

Also spent a couple years as a trainer teaching software development (database, business logic, and user-interface) to developers both novice and expert in week-long seminars.

Hobbies include extreme dog-walking and welding bird-cages. And spending way too much time on Stack Overflow.

Demo of spinning up a new virtual machine instance running FreeBSD (the open-source Unix-like OS, similar to Linux). On that cloud server, we install the Postgres database engine. On our local computer, we use open-source pgAdmin, to connect to the database server and create a new database.

Learn about the nature of Digital Ocean virtual machines, and the mechanism for secure connections to your cloud server. Get a quick overview of FreeBSD’s avenue to obtain and install software: the Packages & Ports tools. Get a list of steps to follow in setting up a fresh Postgres install. Learn about the network and security issues in making a remote connection from a database admin tool such as pgAdmin. Lastly, see how to capture a snapshot of your configured Postgres cloud instance, so you can instantly launch more servers already configured.

45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 2019
Postgres Track