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Software Developer, working with micro-startups & small teams to build niche software, typically database-backed desktop-style enterprise-oriented web apps running server-side in pure Java on the Vaadin framework.

Previously worked in long-term client engagements building in-house custom-crafted departmental database apps for cost accounting, business operations, and workflow.

Also spent a couple years as a trainer teaching software development (database, business logic, and user-interface) to developers both novice and expert in week-long seminars.

Hobbies include extreme dog-walking and welding bird-cages. And spending way too much time on Stack Overflow.

The current version of the Postgres database system is 11, released in late 2018 with over 150 new features.

Let’s take a look at about eleven of the more interesting features. Some big, some small, all useful.

  • New & improved partitioning, smarter faster ways to divvy up your data on disk.
  • More parallelization, to make more use of all those cores in your box.
  • New INCLUDE clause when defining an index, so more queries can benefit from index-only scans.
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation of query plans, using modern LLVM technology, for faster access to your data
  • WAL file size now configurable
  • Run a transaction within your server-side code, with new CREATE PROCEDURE.
  • SCRAM Authentication is even more secure.
  • More SQL-standard window-functions.
  • ALTER TABLE much less likely to need a table re-write.

…and more found in the best Postgres ever.

Download slides (PDF).

45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 2019
Postgres Track