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Cathy has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. She has worked as a software developer and network administrator, and now works in systems administration. She has earned certifications CCNA, CISSP, and CEH. Recently taking up an interest in digital forensics, she earned certifications in Digital Forensic Analyst (CSFA),and Digital Forensics Examiner (DFE).

Cathy moved from Texas to the east side of Washington in 2005 to work at Pacific National Laboratory (PNNL) in 2005. Her interests are reading, especially science fiction, gardening, baking, cats, and birding.

Where is netstat and ifconfig? They are gone in my CentOS 7 installation. Where did my favorite networking commands go?

With the newer releases of Enterprise Linux, networking commands such as ifconfig and netstat are not present. They are not included in the basic installation. These commands have been deprecated for some time now. That means they have not been maintained. Going forward, users (folks like you and me) are expected to use the replacement commands. If you are in a position where you can install any package you want, installing the net-tools package will put the familiar commands back. Then you can get on with focusing on the work at hand. But what if you are working where net-tools is not installed, and, for whatever reason, you can't install it. What now?

This presentation will discuss the replacement commands for the deprecated networking commands: netstat, ifconfig, route, and others.

45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 2019