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Software Developer, working with micro-startups & small teams to build niche software, typically database-backed desktop-style enterprise-oriented web apps running server-side in pure Java on the Vaadin framework.

Previously worked in long-term client engagements building in-house custom-crafted departmental database apps for cost accounting, business operations, and workflow.

Also spent a couple years as a trainer teaching software development (database, business logic, and user-interface) to developers both novice and expert in week-long seminars.

Hobbies include extreme dog-walking and welding bird-cages. And spending way too much time on Stack Overflow.

Bring your ideas, questions, or problems to this casual session for personalized discussions with database administrators and programmers with expertise is using the powerful Postgres database system.

Are you wondering if Postgres might work for your next app idea? Are you contemplating the porting of an existing app from some other database to Postgres?

Are you hitting some speed bumps while getting started with Postgres? Do you have a question about how to install or run Postgres?

Is there some particular technical issue about SQL or Postgres that you would like to ask about? Perhaps you have seen some post on Stack Overflow or that has piqued your curiosity? Are you an experienced programmer who is now to database work, and want an orientation to SQL coding?

While you are welcome to bring any such question to us this weekend at our SeaPUG (Seattle Postgres User Group) booth in the trade-show room, at this session we can talk out an issue more quietly and at length.

45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 2019
Postgres Track