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Kyle Rankin is the President of Purism and was a Tech Editor and columnist at Linux Journal.

He is the author of Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks, DevOps Troubleshooting, The Official Ubuntu Server Book, Knoppix Hacks, Knoppix Pocket Reference, Linux Multimedia Hacks and Ubuntu Hacks, and also a contributor to a number of other O’Reilly books.

Rankin speaks frequently on security and open-source software including at FOSDEM, BsidesLV, O’Reilly Security Conference, OSCON, SCALE, CactusCon, Linux World Expo and Penguicon. You can follow him at @kyle and @kylerankin.

Apps have a bad habit of snitching on their owners. While this is a much bigger problem on Android and iOS, it's still valuable to detect when apps phone home on Linux. Unfortunately most Linux firewall software is designed for servers and focused on inbound connections.

This talk will cover using and tuning OpenSnitch, Linux software that prompts you whenever an app makes outbound connections and allows you to make sophisticated per-app rules to have tight control over your apps' network connections. This adaptive software works both in desktop and mobile Linux and this talk will explore how I personally use OpenSnitch on my mobile Linux device.

2022 April 24 - 13:30
45 min
LinuxFest Northwest 22

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