For Beginners

We welcome people who are new to the products, services and ideas at LinuxFest Northwest. In the Tutorium, you can learn how to do common computing tasks with Linux and open source software. You can ask questions, try out open source applications, and even get help loading Linux and other free software on your own computer. The Tutorium volunteers are experienced with various aspects of Linux and open source applications. They are eager to share their experience and enthusiasm. In the Tutorium throughout the Fest, there will be mini-sessions and information covering topics that may interest people just getting started.
  • Introduction to Linux and open source. What do you mean "it's free"? There's no such thing as a free lunch. How does this work?
  • How to install Linux and get help in the rare situations when things don't go as planned.
  • Exploring the open source desktop...after 10 minutes, you won't mind the difference if you're used to another PC operating system.
  • File management. Where did all my stuff go?
  • Everything Internet - browsers, email, chat, email, social media applications
  • Open source for the office - word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, accounting and more
  • Getting organized - calendars, to-do lists, RSS
  • Graphics - Image creation and editing, digital graphics, animation, desktop publishing
  • Multimedia - audio & video creation and editing, tunes, videos
  • Digital photography. Download, organize, edit your photos.
  • Games - opportunities to improve eye/hand coordination and mental acuity. Free your game and your mind will follow.